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Hannah Constructors is Nashville’s premier commercial general contracting team with over two decades of experience. Our local team is composed of seasoned industry veterans, all combining unique skillsets to provide top-notch, quality services. Our services include everything from remodeling and renovation to turnkey projects. 

On a foundation of honesty, integrity, and pride, our team crafts commercial structures across the Nashville area. No matter what kind of project we work on, we seek to exceed the expectations of our clients and even ourselves. For a reliable commercial general contractor, look no further than Hannah Constructors!

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What Commercial General Contracting Entails

Commercial general contractors offer specialized knowledge and expertise in commercial construction projects. General contractors are in charge of coordinating and executing a construction project based on a given design. Most often, general contractors do some work using an in-house team in tandem with trusted subcontractors.

Services We Can Provide

Choosing Hannah Constructors As Your Contractor

A few key factors to look out for when choosing a general contractor include expertise, dependability, and construction quality. You can then subdivide these factors and search for attributes like communication, type of work completed, safety record, and much more. At Hannah Constructors, we are proud to be held in high regard for all of these factors amongst our peers and previous clients.

The Construction Process

The general contractor is responsible for all aspects of the construction project, from planning until project completion. As such, they are required to juggle many moving parts that change from phase to phase.

Design, Planning, & Pre-Construction

In the planning and pre-construction phase, the contractor has to chart a path from the drawing board to a fully built structure. Here, our team will become well acquainted with the design and functions of the building, location, and overarching goals of the project. For instance, details like HVAC, electrical, and other infrastructural components need to be fully fleshed out. The site will also be visited and analyzed, among other duties.

Once these details are ironed out, the owner of the project can then receive a timeline for the project and receive a more accurate cost estimation. 


With information from the planning phase, procurement work begins. Once the building plan is finalized and all permits are acquired, the construction team and owner can start to set up for physical construction. Any subcontractors involved will learn about the project timeline and their role in the project. All of the materials and equipment necessary for the project will also be obtained at this point. 


Now, the actual construction can begin. First, site preparation will take place; we will remove vegetation, grade the site, and begin to install utilities and infrastructure. Next, the foundation will be created, then the framing. From there, the enclosure of the building and all other elements are completed until a finished structure exists. Once the building is finished, the contractor will walk you through the building and make final checks for design compliance and occupancy safety.

While we have left much of the process out for brevity, these are the basic steps for each construction project. During the construction process, we regularly communicate with our clients, keeping them abreast of any developments as we work. We understand that communication is key so each project is as successful as possible.

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