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In addition to the traditional contracting services we provide, we also offer Nashville design build services for commercial projects. This service is a highly-reviewed practice among owners and contractors for its consistent quality and more integrated structure. We have utilized our model for many local Nashville buildings, including offices, restaurants, and other businesses. 

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What is Design Build?

In simple terms, design build is a term that refers to the responsibilities that a company will have on a project. Specifically, it means that one entity will handle the designing and construction of the property instead of two or more companies being involved separately. For smaller projects especially, this is a popular configuration for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Employing a single entity for construction is also beneficial for bigger projects such as multifamily construction. A commercial contractor in Nashville such as Hannah Constructors allows owners to save money while getting high quality construction materials. This is a great way to invest in real estate and rentals, earning you more down the line.

Our DBB Process

To best understand a design build in Nashville, it helps to first take a look at its counterpart: design-bid-build (DBB). DBB is considered the more traditional method of construction and entails a completely separate relationship between the designer and contractor. In a DBB project, the owner will hire a designer to completely design the project according to factors like function, cost, and others. Once the design is complete, the owner will then solicit bids from contractors and subcontractors to build out their new design. While this process certainly works and is still the dominant way to build, it does have drawbacks that make the build attractive. 

The owner will sign onto one contract with a single entity that includes the design and contractor team. You may also hear this arrangement referred to as single-source responsibility or design/construct. This represents a much more unified approach, with the designer and contractor working together for the duration of the project. This means that if any minor or major changes occur, which often happens, everyone involved will already be in close communication and incentivized to produce the highest quality product.

The Advantages of Design Build

The major advantages of a Nashville design build or single-source responsibility contract include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Simpler relationship between owner and design/construction team
  • More consistent quality of work
  • Easier to handle changes in design/construction parameters
  • Generally shorter delivery time
  • Reduced costs on average 

For these reasons and many more, contracts are en route to represent up to 50 percent of all construction projects by 2025. Previously referred to as an “alternative method,” our build service is quickly becoming a standard in both smaller and larger projects.

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