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Every day, our motto at Hannah Constructors, Inc. drives us to be “Building Character” with affordable and comfortable homes that bring our local community together. That is why we take pride in our Nashville commercial general contracting for quality multifamily construction.

No one can build client satisfaction like us. Using our decades of experience and long-lasting relationships with clients from every walk of life, our building contracting professionals build apartments, condos, townhouses, and mixed-use units that make your residents feel like they are finally home.

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What is Multifamily Construction?

Common in major cities like Nashville, multifamily construction focuses on constructing units that will accommodate multiple households within a shared area. The most common examples are apartments, townhouses, and condominiums, each designed to create a space that best accommodates its residents.

The layout for a multifamily construction can either be high-rise (a dozen or more floors on top of each other), medium-rise (at least a few floors that will require an elevator), and low-rise (no more than a few floors with stairs to replace an elevator).


Many clients wonder what makes multifamily construction so beneficial. Not only are multifamily units more affordable for renters, but they are also great options for anyone looking to invest in real estate. The shared space in local areas makes for more affordable commercial construction, lowering buying prices by a great deal.

And with the right commercial general contracting company who works with the best in construction and materials, you will get a top-quality complex that will earn you money.

Types of Structures

Nashville is a great city for apartment buildings, offering space and spectacular views that will make your building a prime location for tenants. We can help you decide which construction layout is right for you and detail money-saving methods to ensure you get the best result.

Multifamily construction options that Hannah Contractors, Inc. offers include:


Apartments are a common form of multi-unit construction intended to be rented out to multiple tenants under the management of a single building owner or landlord. This is best recommended for long-term property investment with lower construction prices.

Since the units will be under the ownership/management of a single person instead of the residents, apartment construction will be around the same price as other internal parts of the facility, such as hallways, staircases, elevators, and more.


Constructed similarly to an apartment building, the tenant often owns their unit instead of renting it. Pre-construction services will have differentiating costs for each living space than the shared space within the condo (hallways, stairways, elevators, etc.) to meet HOA and equity requirements.


With a similar layout to a single-family structure but at a lower price, townhouses are popular for anyone wanting units with some separation. Because these units are located on common property, they are typically more affordable for prospective buyers and renters than single-family homes. 


Mixed-use buildings are often found within developed metropolitan areas such as downtown or more upscale neighborhoods. They may be an excellent option for potential clients looking to rent space to businesses and tenants, making up the larger price with a large influx of incoming payments. 

Types of Structures

As a design build service, Hannah Constructors, Inc.’s specialty is creating quality construction within your budget and timeline. We make sure that your multifamily construction project is stress-free, long-lasting, and, most importantly, financially rewarding from start to finish. Our Nashville construction management team employs the best of the best when creating your building with quality materials and experienced designers and contractors.

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Unlike other building contracting companies, Hannah Constructors, Inc. is here to make sure you get the complex you want and when you want it – without additional costs. Quality is our top priority in “Building Character” alongside our clients no matter what.

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