Pre-Construction in Nashville


Hannah Constructors proudly offers pre-construction services for commercial projects in Nashville. Since construction involves many variables, good pre-construction planning and setup are key for the rest of the project to proceed accordingly. Before you get started on your next commercial construction venture, contact Hannah Constructors for top-quality planning!

What Is Pre-Construction?

Simply put, pre-construction is the planning and charting out of an entire project to determine costs, timeline, project requirements, potential issues, and more. During pre-construction, every relevant factor of a project is analyzed and synthesized into a report for the owner of the project. From there, an owner can get a better idea of the true scope of a project and determine if it is feasible and within their desired budget or timeline. 

In some ways, pre-construction represents the most important part of construction. This is because, without quality planning, a project can easily run over budget, prove too dangerous, take longer than expected, or have other problems. 

Below are just some of the factors that are covered during pre-construction:

  • Assessing project scope
  • Identifying potential construction issues/constraints
  • Soil condition analysis 
  • Outlining equipment/personnel requirements
  • Assessing value engineering options
  • Life-cycle analysis

The Importance Of A Pre-Construction Manager

The benefits of quality informed pre-construction are vast. Many of the issues that arise in sub-par construction projects have their roots in poor planning and evaluation, so it truly pays to have professionals in this area. With quality pre-construction efforts, you can minimize any surprises during full construction and better manage resources to meet goals.

The Pre-Construction Process


Our pre-construction process typically begins with the design phase, where we go over the layout of the project with our team and the business owner to visualize the final product and its components. It may also involve visiting the site in-person and ensuring that the space is well-equipped for the materials, equipment, and personnel that will be needed. 

Site Development & Cost Estimation

Once the overall design and site layout are solidified, more specific aspects of the project like site development, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more will be considered and planned in detail. Here, any subcontractors involved in the work will be introduced and integrated into the project. At this point, a much tighter cost estimate may also be available for the owner. 

Creation of Schedule & Building Plan

Following the engineering and cost estimation phases, the initial schedule and building plan will be created. All parties involved in construction will then have an understanding of the building goals and timeline, after which actual construction can commence. 

The entire process may sound like a large undertaking, but our team can handle all of the complexity while keeping you in the loop on what’s happening at each stage. Our seasoned pre-construction experts have a keen eye for detail, leveraging decades of knowledge to deliver a smooth, cost-effective product. 

Set Your Project Up For Success With Us!

As we’ve stated earlier, pre-construction services are crucial for a smooth, well-planned construction experience. Our team has extensive experience in pre-construction and would love to help you plan and manage your project from start to finish. To get started, please get in touch with our team today!

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